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How will your users really react to a phishing attack?
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A managed phishing simulation service…created by Chess Cybersecurity

This new end-to-end phishing simulation service has been developed for IT teams who want to test their users’ response to receiving a simulated phishing attack.

You select the phishing exercise from our wide choice of templates. Within a week of running the simulated phishing attack, the results are compiled into a report, giving you key information on your IT security risk posture.

The best bit? Any UK organisation can try it out for free right now.

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91% of data breaches start with an email

Phishing attacks are on the rise!

The truth is that there is a pretty good chance that your users’ online behaviour is putting your organisation at increased risk of cyber attack.

Today, Chess Cybersecurity sees many cyber attacks that try to lure users into clicking on malicious links in an phishing email.

If they can compromise one of your users, the bad guys significantly improve their chances of being able to infiltrate and disrupt your systems, including encrypting, deleting or stealing sensitive data.

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Phase 1: Planning the phishing simulation

Our phishing simulation service team manages every aspect of the campaign from setup and distribution all the way to reporting.

After an initial consultation with one of our trained security architects, we ensure correct configuration is in place to execute the campaign.

Chess Cybersecurity then designs the campaign according to your exact specifications and launches the campaign on an agreed date.

Once the simulation is complete, we provide you with a detailed phishing report.

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Analyse report

Phase 2: Analyse the phishing report

Within a week of running the simulated phishing attack, the results are compiled into a report.

The report focuses on user behaviour, telling you who, in your organisation, received the email, who opened it, who clicked on the link inside the email, who viewed the landing page and subsequently submitted data.

This behavioural insight is designed to help evaluate and reduce an organisation’s exposure to phishing attacks.

The report also provides an industry benchmark to help you rank your overall exposure to this type of threat.

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bespoke phishing simulation campaign

Bespoke simulated phishing campaigns

Chess Cybersecurity Phishing Simulation campaigns can be customised in an infinite number of ways. You can test all your users, or choose specific recipients by department or seniority.

Phishing personations can include:

  • External business services provider like Salesforce or Dropbox
  • Internal business leaders. Example: HR issue email
  • ‘Wide-net’ phishing email, like a Facebook password reset

You can also customise the action in the phishing email, such as resetting a password, clicking a dodgy link or entering data on a bogus on a landing page.

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Chess Cybersecurity Training Toolkit

Pair your Chess Cybersecurity phishing simulation with free end-user cybersecurity training

Chess Cybersecurity security experts have created a free end-user cybersecurity training toolkit. It contains 20 resources you need to educate your users with the latest IT security best practice advice.  

Not only is this training toolkit free, it’s been designed for the time-strapped IT team, so it’s really easy to roll out across an organisation.

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Our top priority is your users’ security and privacy

Chess Cybersecurity goes to extraordinary lengths to protect you and your users’ privacy and security. No sensitive information entered during the simulations is stored by Chess Cybersecurity.

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