Hard disk and network file encryption made simple

Get rid of your encryption management headache. Install our agent and Chess Cybersecurity will manage the security console for you and ensure your organisation's data is protected.
Chess Cybersecurity APMS Encryption

APMS Encryption

Here at Chess Cybersecurity we are all about making security as simple as possible and with APMS Encryption you can now encrypt your sensitive data, whether that’s files on your network or on one or one thousand endpoints, with no on-going management overhead or end user troubleshooting to worry about.

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APMS Encryption diagram

Encryption on tap, per user

Our simple to install solution, which requires just 3 MSI files per hard disk, quickly encrypts your data. Once complete you’ll be in safe hands as machines report back to our central console where our experts continuously manage your encryption keys and any troubleshooting or auditing required. This means you won't need to invest in expensive hardware or allocate precious resources to manage encryption software. It's even priced simply, at per user per year costs.

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Foursys APMS Encryption Data Security


  • Safe and secure storage of your data, using internationally recognized encryption standards for hard-disk encryption
  • No management console to maintain/upgrade, that’s our job!
  • Easy recovery options, either locally or via the Foursys Managed Helpdesk
  • Full UK based support, with direct access to our expert engineers - no call handling or call waiting
  • No end user trouble shooting, direct them to us and we'll do that for you!
  • Priced per user per year
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In a nutshell

Chess Cybersecurity APMS Encryption is an ideal solution for SMBs who want a Gartner leading encryption product to help them comply with EU data law and enforce data policies but without any setup troubles or on-going maintenance with systems or end users.

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Foursys APMS Managed Security

Your perfect network security partner

APMS is a comprehensive, modular network security package that is designed to help you manage and maintain your security infrastructure in a way to suit you. As well as our Encryption security module, used above, we also have a number of different modules to cover off other aspects of security on your corporate network that you’d like enhancing. See below for more details. 

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