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APMS is a comprehensive, modular network security service that is designed to help you manage and maintain your cybersecurity infrastructure in a way to suit you.

Improving your juggling act

The Chess Cybersecurity Active Protection Management System (APMS) is a customisable, modular network security service that is designed to help you manage and maintain your cybersecurity infrastructure in a way that suits you. Helping you improve your task juggling act and your organisation to stay protected from the latest cybersecurity threats.

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Is APMS for you?

Too many IT systems to manage? Running old versions of security products and unable to find the time to upgrade them? Unable to stay up to speed with the latest security threats? Concerned your systems aren’t optimally configured to protect your network? APMS is designed to resolve all of these issues and partner with you (working in conjunction with IT) or optionally managing IT Security solutions to help you do more.

Choices, choices, choices…

APMS has three levels of service you can choose from: 

  1. Managed Support: designed to provide organisations with a full program of pro-active support for their security infrastructure, including all consultancy, with no hidden costs, for the duration of contract.
  2. Managed Security: Let Foursys security experts manage specific IT security systems on your behalf with all policy management covered by us.This package really does mean you don’t need to worry about a thing with your chosen systems.
  3. Complete Security: The crème de la crème, your organisations IT security completely covered, from head to toe, by us. We will take care of everything IT security related on a day-to-day basis or 24/7 basis if that’s what you’d like.

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What you get

APMS can cover all the security products and solutions supplied by Chess Cybersecurity, as well as other systems, devices and appliances, subject to audit and agreement. It’s a modular solution that takes your organisation’s specific security infrastructure into account.  For example, if you need a hybrid scenario for disaster recovery or a cloud component for remote users, this can be incorporated using our UK based SSAE-16/ISO27001 hosting partner. 

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Chess Cybersecurity APMS Managed Support

APMS Managed Support

Provides full support and proactive monitoring of every Chess Cybersecurity-supplied product. Our proactive monitoring alerts you to security related issues, so if there's a virus outbreak on your network we'll let you know - and fix it, pronto. 

See it as a second pair of eyes on your network security. We include upgrade protection on all the products covered, and full back up and disaster recovery on your products, just in case the unimaginable happens.

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Chess Cybersecurity APMS Managed Security

APMS Managed Security

Customers who choose this package will benefit from having IT security experts completely manage one or more of their security systems, improving security and utilising all features of the technology. Freeing up valuable resources for your team to focus on other tasks safe in the knowledge your systems are being managed by award-winning experts.

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Chess Cybersecurity APMS Complete Security

APMS Complete Security

Managed Security Complete is the ultimate in security maintenance and support because we take full responsibility for your network security.

We’ll manage all your threat and vulnerability protection systems, so you benefit from increased IT security efficiency, lower overall costs, increased protection and a flexible approach to your changing business requirements. 

You’ll have the peace of mind of a complete contract covering disaster recovery, upgrade protection, all IT security maintenance and support and a partnership with a single security specialist. 

Less is more

You also have the option to combine APMS with our Virtual Security Appliance (VSA). Running a virtualisation backbone it allows your organisation to install and consolidate all security systems onto a single platform reducing complexity and overall cost. Other deployment options include utilising your exisiting virtualisation infrastructure, cloud base or vendor hardware.

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