Business security. Simplified.

You're committed to protecting your organisation from the latest threats and data leaks. We're committed to making this as simple and as effective as possible for you.
Foursys Complete System Care

Complete System Care

This comprehensive package which maintains your security infrastructure gives you all support required for the life of the contract; meaning no additional costs. Every security product can be supported, monitored, upgraded, backed up and configured to best practice by Chess Cybersecurity. Our proactive monitoring included in Complete System Care alerts customers to security related issues, in the unlikely scenario of a virus outbreak we'll let you know and fix it - pronto. See it as your second pair of eyes, and hands, if you will.

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Virtual Security Appliance

Running a virtualisation backbone the VSA allows your organisation to install and consolidate all security systems on to a single machine that is fully supported by Chess Cybersecurity. With a host of support packages to choose from you can wave goodbye to the burden of IT security administration. The appliance comes with guaranteed resilience, disaster protection and enhanced support for each security product installed as standard. It's business security. Simplified.

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Data Protection

Whether protecting company IP, sensitive information or against accidental loss data protection is at the top of IT teams priority list. With the development of big data and the proliferation of mobile devices securing and locking down this data is becoming harder and harder. Chess Cybersecurity believes in securing the data and not the device with traditional point products becoming less affective in the fight against data control. With our pre-sales Data Leakage Assessment coupled with award-winning, best in class, data protection technology you can be sure no matter how big your data gets or how many devices are accessing it you'll be compliant and in full control.

Mobile Device Security

Each organisations mobile and BYOD security strategy is different, some have a strong business need for the use of these devices others just need them locked down. Whether you're one of these extremes or somewhere in between Chess Cybersecurity has the experience and solution for your needs and policy enforcement.

Network Security

As the boundaries of your network continue to rapidly blur and expand the need for solid network security for internal data, systems and resources becomes business critical. We have world class solutions for all things network security, from Firewalls to VPN, with professional services to ensure they're seamlessly installed and configured inline with your policies.

Endpoint, Email and Web

The functionality built into modern day Endpoint, Email and Web security solutions is almost unrecognisable to just a few years ago. Improved engines, port controls, vendor detection departments and SSL inspection to name just a few. A layered and integrated approach of these technologies is the mantra Chess Cybersecurity preaches maximising endpoint protection to minimize malware outbreaks.