A technical & commercial audit

A report that we guarantee will increase your IT security and reduce overall spend - or we'll give you your money back!
Technical and Commercial IT Security Audit Report

Worth its weight in gold…

Our award-winning engineers carry out a manual audit of the security solutions you currently utilise. Once identified Chess Cybersecurity assess and propose an alternative enhanced security strategy detailing primary benefits for your organisation within the report. The assessment will also identify contractual arrangements and costings associated with end dates of original solutions and where savings can be made. 

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Foursys IT Security Servers

See for yourself…

With identifiable information redacted take a look at an example Technical & Commerical Audit we performed for a local council recently. 

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Chess Cybersecurity Professional Services guarantee

Your insurance policy

All our services come with our unique services guarantee. Your insurance policy if you will. It should give you the confidence to use us for all your IT security service needs. And with our Technical & Commercial Audit it's no different, in fact, it's better. If we dont increase your organisations IT security and save you money at the same time we'll give you a full refund on the audit - now how can you argue with that? 

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