Your network security under the microscope

A comprehensive deep dive into your network's security designed to discover areas of concern and improvement in infrastructure, procedures and policies.

Identifying weak links

Chess Cybersecurity Network Security Assessments provide a comprehensive review of your organisation’s information security. Using industry standard methodologies our consultants will perform a series of assessments designed to discover areas of concern in your infrastructure, procedures and policies. Our customisable assessments include a series of network audits, procedural and policy reviews, as well as interviewing staff and assessing end-user security awareness. The results are presented in a clear and concise report, and provide advice to help remediate any vulnerabilities discovered.

What gets covered

Every Chess Cybersecurity Security Test can be customised to address your specific concerns,  to find out what your organisation needs to do in order to improve security. The topics that can be covered in our assessments are as follows: General assessments, detailed port scan, patch audit, gateway configuration and testing, endpoint testing and configuration, event logs analysis, policy and procedural checks, infrastructure review (network configuration , directory service review), physical security tests and checks, user awareness & social engineering (customisable to needs).

Your insurance policy

All our services come with our unique services guarantee. Your insurance policy if you will. It should give you the confidence to use us for all your IT security service needs. If you are not satisfied, or if circumstances outside our control prevent the services work being completed, then a Chess Cybersecurity engineer will return at no extra charge to complete the work required or the cost of the work will be refunded. Chess Cybersecurity professional services and training courses are provided by certified engineers with practical experience in the products involved.