Making sure your solutions are in tip top shape

Health checks are a great way to ensure your IT security software is running optimally and that you're getting the most out of the features you've paid for.

An expert’s touch

Your infrastructure and security solutions are rapidly changing which is why we offer our health check service. Recommended that your organisation has one a year or after any major infrastructure change our product expert comes on site to delve deep into your setup. They make sure your solution is optimally configured and upgraded to the latest version, if desired. We also make sure you follow industry best practice and encourage customer involvement throughout the health check so we can pass on our knowledge. Our security experts have done hundreds of health checks across all our product range on every type of network imaginable.

Making sure you make the most of your solution

Security products are increasingly getting more complex with new features being added almost quarterly to help you protect against the bad guys and their latest exploit techniques as well as making life easier on the administrators. This is why, now more than ever, it's so important that you have all features of your security solution turned on. We do that making sure they are all correctly configured on your environment giving you peace of mind that you're as secure as possible.

Your insurance policy

All our services come with our unique services guarantee. Your insurance policy if you will. It should give you the confidence to use us for all your IT security service needs. If you are not satisfied, or if circumstances outside our control prevent the services work being completed, then a Chess Cybersecurity engineer will return at no extra charge to complete the work required or the cost of the work will be refunded. Chess Cybersecurity professional services and training courses are provided by certified engineers with practical experience in the products involved.