Ethical hacking courses

Our ethical hacking courses provide a one-day program covering theory and hands-on lab exercises to turn you into a network penetration wizard.
Ethical hacking courses

What you get from our ethical hacking courses…

Designed for IT professionals our one-day courses teach theory, techniques and tools to turn you into a white hat hacker. You and your team will be capable of securing organisations from the latest targeted attacks by using the skills picked up in these intensive one-day classroom training courses. With the option of the entry level 'Essential' course or the 'Advanced' course, we can cater for both new and expert ethical hackers. 

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One-day ethical hacking course syllabus

Course syllabus overview

The Chess Cybersecurity white hat hacking courses covers both the theory and practical aspects of ethical hacking. Your highly trained instructor will educate you on reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access and covering your tracks. Armed with this theoretical knowledge you’ll be shown how to carry out some of the most common attacks used by hackers such as exploiting Windows vulnerabilities, SQL injections, password scanning and much more. In our advanced course you'll look at expert techniques such as resonder NBNS/LLMNR spoofing, buffer overflows, password cracking using Hashcat and backdooring executables.

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Ethical hacking course locations

Your place or ours?

With regular courses held nationwide we hope you’ll be able to find one that is convenient enough for you to attend. Chess Cybersecurity releases a new batch of courses every 6 months. You can see the courses we currently have on offer at the bottom of the page or on our events page. If you can’t see any that are convenient to you, whether location or date, please do get in touch. Alternatively, we can offer our one-day ethical hacking courses on site. Just enquire with your account manager who will be happy to help.

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Instructors that know their onions… and SQL injections

Chess Cybersecurity prides itself on the high level of technical expertise throughout the organisation; our training is no different. One of our top cyber security engineers will be your instructor, all of which are not only Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) themselves, but also SANS trained in Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploits, and Ethical Hacking. So you can be confident that you’ll receive the very latest and greatest advice in exploiting network vulnerabilities.

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Ethical hacking course discount

Cheap as ethical hacking chips

Attending our Essential public course costs just £665+VAT. We also offer a 15% early bird discount if you book your place one month before the one-day course is due to take place. Our Advanced version of the course costs £750+VAT, and these are held the day after the essential course across all locations. Allowing anyone wanting a fast track route from entry level ethical hacker to expert. These prices include use of one of our training laptops for the day, course manual, lunch and refreshments. 

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ethical hacking course experience

What previous experience do I need to attend?

Chess Cybersecurity offers you and your team an introductory one-day intensive course to ethical hacking for our Essential course. Therefore absolutely no previous experience of the subject is required. However, please note that it’s important you are familiar with computers and general networking/concepts to get the most from this course. For the Advanced course delegates would have ideally already have attended our Essential Ethical Hacking course but it's not mandatory. You will need to be familiar with computers, networking/concepts, Linux and/or Windows and it would be beneficial for you to have experience in programming. 

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Don’t just take our word for it

Having successfully conducted these courses for many years we are very proud that 100% of attendees have indicated on their feedback form that they would recommend the course to others. We have a long list of reference customers that we’d be happy to put you in contact with. 

“An absolute amazing eye opener, a must for all IT professionals”

“Great course yesterday, really enjoyed it and found it to be massively interesting and informative.”

“I found the Ethical Hacking course extremely informative and very useful... So much so that I booked a 4 delegate in-house session!” 

one day ethical hacking course

What are you waiting for?

These fascinating, educational and exciting ethical hacking courses gives each delegate a laptop for the day and a course manual. Supplying you with all the tools you’ll need to vulnerability test your own network on your return to the office. The courses can also be tailored to any specific threats or attacks you would like to focus on, given suitable notice. Lunch and refreshments are provided. 

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Get a taste of the course

Watch our ethical hacking course "what can you expect?" video adjacent so you can see exactly the type of technical training you’ll receive when you attend one of our Essential courses.

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Quick start guide to ethical hacking

One of our highly trained instructors, who is a certified ethical hacker (CEH), has produced a quick start guide on the subject. This 10-page booklet sets out the definition, goals and processes involved in the use of effective ethical hacking and includes an example lab with Kalie Linux for any budding white hat hackers to try.

Download the Foursys Quick Start Guide to Ethical Hacking