End-User Cybersecurity Classroom Training

Onsite employee classroom training raises awareness, vastly improving how your users protect themselves online.
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Reduce your exposure to cyber threats

With more than 90% of successful data breaches starting with email, improving your users’ awareness should be an integral part of your security strategy.

Introducing The Chess Cybersecurity Classroom Training services. Complementing the free end-user cybersecurity training toolkit, this classroom session stars a Chess Cybersecurity security architect, who will provide face-to-face cybersecurity training sessions to your users.

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Chess Cybersecurity onsite classes

We provide end users tools and techniques to reduce their likelihood of being a cyber victim in a classroom training environment.

Chess Cybersecurity Security Architects have designed these sessions to be both engaging and useful.

Using real-world cases to personify the threat, the Chess Cybersecurity classroom training really drives home the importance of implementing these best practice tips.

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Why cybersecurity end-user training is a must…

Sure, we all know that providing cybersecurity end-user training is key to reducing your exposure to online threats.

But most IT teams are so time-strapped, they haven’t got around to training users, while others only have out-of-date training materials to hand.

The Chess Cybersecurity Classroom Training sessions address user behaviour, like using an easy-to-crack passwords, clicking malicious links, giving away sensitive information, and connecting to insecure wifi.

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We even have training for C-level stakeholders…

Senior management often have escalated privileges when it comes to accessing systems and data, making them prime candidates for highly targeted, and incredibly realistic spear-phishing campaigns.

We have dedicated sessions customised for organisational senior stakeholders. These focus on C-level behaviours, targeted threats and practical countermeasures.

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APMS Phish

Pair your classroom training with a free Chess Cybersecurity phishing simulation

What is your current cybersecurity risk level when it comes to users? It’s easy to find out with the free managed phishing simulation from Chess Cybersecurity.

Get a report showing you exactly how many users fell into the simulated phishing trap.

It’s quick and it’s easy. Select your phishing simulation and let Chess Cybersecurity run the campaign free of charge for up to 100 recipients.

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Chess Cybersecurity professional services guarantee

We know cybersecurity…

Chess Cybersecurity is a multi-award-winning cybersecurity provider with more than 20 years experience servicing the NHS, government, education, SMB and enterprise organisations.

At Chess Cybersecurity, we live for IT security. It's what we do, it's why we're here, at your service to protect you from the bad guys.

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