A complete privileged account management (PAM) solution for IT admins, improving visibility and control over privileged passwords, while giving end-users more control over password resets and Active Directory group administration.
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Privileged Account Management

For IT administrators, time is money. Hours invested in routine tasks like resetting passwords or handling Active Directory groups could be better spent elsewhere. But as you look for ways to get rid of those repetitive tasks, you need to maintain complete visibility and control. Thycotic’s products provide ways to reduce the burden on administrators. Without reducing their visibility. 

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Thycotic Secret Server

Secret Server

Share privileged passwords with confidence. 

Thycotic Secret Server is a central repository that stores your privileged passwords. That means you can share them with multiple users to maximise efficiency, while keeping track of how they’re used and ensuring accountability. Thycotic Secret Server includes flexible security options for your password repository, including AES 256 encryption and IP range restrictions. Granular user permissions for specific passwords and functionality. Automation options to enforce password change policies and it provides detailed audit logs, with convenient reporting to make data easier to digest. 

Thycotic Password Reset Server

Password Reset Server

Never reset a user password again.

Thycotic Password Reset Server gives your users a self-service interface for resetting their forgotten Active Directory passwords. So you can spend your time and energy on the things that really matter. Thycotic Password Reset Server includes an easy interface for users to set their own security questions and keep personal information up to date. Automated phone call and SMS options to verify user identities and detailed auditing so you can track password resets and changes in personal data.

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Group Management Server

Active Directory group management - in the hands of your users.

Thycotic Group Management Server saves you time by allowing team leaders and department managers to take care of their own Active Directory groups. So you can do what you do best, while groups are looked after by the people that know them best. Thycotic Group Management Server includes a convenient web-based interface where users can manage their own groups. Role-based access control, so the right users have the right responsibilities. A comprehensive top-level control panel with a view across the entire domain and can accurately monitor and audit through Active Directory logs.