A solid and reliable innovative solution for two factor authentication.


Mobile phone based tokenless® Two Factor Authentication for VPN, SSL, Remote Desktop, WiFi, web portals, laptop encryption and other solutions. The modern alternative to physical tokens.

Passwords alone aren't strong enough to protect access to your business critical data and applications. SecurAccess from SecurEnvoy delivers a seamless, cost effective solution for Two-Factor authentication.

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Authenticate On Any Device, Anywhere

End user experience is key. SecurAccess' patented methods resolve these issues by utilising:

  • Passcodes that can be sent by secure email
  • Soft Token apps for every device
  • Voice Call with passcodes entered in the phone’s keypad to session lock the voice network with the Internet
  • Real Time SMS Passcodes sent on-demand and session locked
  • Pre-loaded one time passcodes
  • Three pre-loaded one time passcodes within each message
  • Reusable passcodes that change each day or multiple days
  • All methods available for online or off-line authentication