Security data and analytics solutions that collect, contextualize, correlate, and analyze your security data to dramatically reduce threat exposure and detect compromises in real-time.

Nexpose: Find the risks that matter

Know your network

Your network has grown dramatically and expanded outside the firewall. Do you really know what's going on? Nexpose provides clear visibility by discovering and assessing risks to the business across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This knowledge of systems, applications, vulnerabilities, configurations and controls across the modern network is foundational to effective risk management.

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Prioritize and manage your risk effectively

Your security teams are inundated with threats and alerts. Leverage the latest knowledge of the attacker's mindset and what matters to your business to drive effective risk reduction. Industry-leading risk prioritization, critical threat awareness from Metasploit, and impactful remediation guidance enables better risk management decisions, faster.

Simplify your compliance effort

Which compliance standards matter to your business? How do you help meet those requirements? Nexpose enables organizations to stay compliant with PCI DSS, NERC CIP, FISMA, HIPAA/HITECH, SANS Top 20 CSC, DISA STIGS, USGCB and CIS standards for risk, vulnerability, and configuration management requirements.

Userinsight: Incident detection & response

Find the Attacks You’re Missing

Rapid7 Incident Detection and Response solutions complement your security program with intruder analytics technology and subject matter expertise. Rapid7 solutions help detect attacks with higher accuracy, give you answers to your incident investigations more quickly, and add experienced incident responders to your team when you need it.