Patented disaster recovery solutions. With local and remote instant recovery capabilities for servers, applications and data. 
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About Quorum

Quorum "Disaster Recovery as a Service" (DRaaS) solutions provide organisations with both local and remote instant recovery capabilities for their servers, applications and data. Quorum’s patented onQ technology is purpose-built for exceptionally fast and reliable failover. It is military-grade and was originally developed for U.S. Naval combat systems. Introduced commercially in 2010 and designed with the IT generalist in mind, onQ’s core functionality has evolved into a powerful combination of backup, deduplication, replication, one-click instant recovery, automated DR testing, sandbox testing, migration tools and extensible archive capabilities.

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Quorum Technology

What do you get when you combine super-reliable disaster recovery (DR) with powerful, business-boosting functionality that speeds ROI? You get Quorum onQ technology that delivers head-turning DR and so much more!

What does this mean for you? Due to the lack of time and resources, increased stress and uneasiness is the result of relying on a failover/fail-back routine that has remained largely untested. Not good. Couple this false sense of security with the fear of committing significant budget to DR gear that will “simply collect dust when not in use” and you’ve got the makings of a very steep, uphill budget battle. Quorum onQ technology can help you overcome these challenges.

The fact is that not all DR solutions are the same.

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DR as a Service (DRaaS)

An onQ DRaaS deployment is similar to an onQ DR deployment. However, instead of an organization deploying a second onQ appliance at their own DR site, they have chosen to leverage the Quorum Cloud. Server, application and data changes captured by the locally deployed onQ HA appliance are replicated to the onQ appliance in the Quorum Cloud. DRaaS deployments enable organizations to more cost effectively ensure both local HA and remote DR as they can avoid the high costs of funding, designing, staffing and maintaining a replicated datacenter.

Quorum Instant Recovery

Turn a ransomware attack into a non-event with Quorum Instant Recovery

Quorum’s next gen backup disaster recovery (BDR) solution is based upon three core principles: it’s fast, easy to use, and it’s complete. Their solution makes a copy of all your critical systems, creating an exact replica of your servers as part of a snapshot-based backup.

If ransomware gets into your environment and locks files, servers or applications, simply run a copy of your servers on our secure BDR platform indefinitely, until you get your production system ‘cleaned’.