State-of-the-art SIEM to over-deliver against your information security, operational intelligence and data compliance needs.
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Much more than just compliance

LogPoint can help extract value from the data you already hold. It over-delivers against current and future compliance requirements, yet also provides insight into your organisation’s infrastructure and identifies sources of potential security breach.

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EAL3 Certified

World-class SIEM

LogPoint is EAL3+ certified - one of only a handful of elite SIEMs accredited to International Defence & Intelligence standards – so you know you’re in safe hands. Deployed throughout Europe and Scandinavia, LogPoint now has a dedicated UK team of technical experts on hand to help with your installation and make sure you get the best from the solution. 

LogPoint User Interface

Beautiful design, great usability

LogPoint collates millions of data logs from across your infrastructure and delivers elegant, easy-to-use reports that you can act on. It’s straightforward to install and intuitive to master, so takes less of your time. 

Flexible LogPoint

Flexible and affordable to suit your needs

LogPoint can work with whichever network and software products you choose, bringing data together from a variety of sources to enable ever greater insight into your organisation. It’s flexible, adapting as your requirements change, and is costed on a direct, affordable basis with no surprises later on.