Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders in Network Access Control ForeScout gives instant visibility and control to your whole network estate.

The knack of NAC

Although a relatively new partner of Chess Cybersecurity our sales and technical teams are fully up to speed with this rapidly growing area of the security market. With the decentralisation of networks this 3rd generation NAC product gives visibility of any single device with granularity allowing you to set and apply guest access policies on any device, stop malware infections spreading around your environment and ensure all endpoints have compliance by running policy on misconfigured or unauthorised applications. Chess Cybersecurity are on hand to guide you through these features and more on the road to a rapid and seamless NAC installation.

CounterACT for Network Access Control

ForeScout CounterACT for Network Access Control is an automated security control platform that lets you see, monitor, and control everything on your network—all devices, all operating systems, all applications, all users. ForeScout CounterACT lets employees, contractors, and guests remain productive on your network while you protect critical network resources and sensitive data. Based on third-generation network access control (NAC) technologies, ForeScout CounterACT is easy to install because it requires no software, no agents, no hardware upgrades or reconfigurations. Everything needed for network access control is contained within a single appliance or virtual appliance.

ForeScout CounterACT Datasheet

MDM Integration Module

The MDM Integration module links your MDM system to ForeScout CounterACT, bringing information about MDM-managed devices which are connected to the enterprise network to the CounterACT appliance, where the information is displayed alongside information about unmanaged mobile devices and devices that are outside the scope of your MDM system (such as PCs). From the CounterACT console, you can configure and enforce network security policies, monitor and report on policy adherence for every device in your organization – PCs, Macs, phones and tablets.

ForeScout Mobile Security Datasheet