SecureTour17 - UK’s Leading Free Cybersecurity Conference Returns For 2017

SecureTour17 - UK’s Leading Free Cybersecurity Conference Returns For 2017

March 15 2017 | Published by Andy Wool | Announcements Blog Foursys News Industry News

We could use this blog to try and sell SecureTour, but we don't need to.

It's an awesome event with 6 years' worth of testimonials to prove it. So we'll just leave this here if you fancy a day out of the office in May leaving you better connected and protected upon completion.

It's that time of year again! We're excited, as you should be!

For a 6th consecutive year Foursys, along with selected partners, are holding free cyber security conferences up and down the country throughout the month of May.

This conference is not like your average - "it's this or 2 meetings, an appraisal and some admin" kind of conference:office day trade. It's engaging, up-to-date and above all else, resource heavy, knowledge filled, useful and free! 

It's a current event with some big names to discuss issues within the industry directly with you throughout the day.

Seven guest speakers… Yes Seven. All big ballers in the cyber security world.

Not that we need to extrapolate but here's who, what, where and why…

  • Graham Cluley, Computer security analyst and award-winning blogger
  • James Lyne, SANS Instructor, industry leader  and TED speaker
  • Mustafa Al-Bassam, LulzSsec co-founder turned security advisor
  • Jennifer Arcuri, Founder of the Inno-Tech Summit & Ethical Hacker
  • Quentyn Taylor, Director of Information Security at Canon for EMEA
  • Paul Ducklin, Senior Security Advisor for Sophos
  • Jake Davis, LulzSec co-founder turned white hat security advisor

Alongside an impressive line-up of cybersecurity bigwigs we've also got nine cyber security technology sponsors because, well, because we can.

We're a nice bunch here at Foursys and we want to give you guys, our customers, the most unbiased, vast selection of cyber security protection currently available on the market.

We're not running SecureTour to sell to you, but to keep you safe. And we're doing this by bringing you the most eclectic selection of vendors on the market… To try and objectively fulfil your cyber security needs, should you have any.

However, If it's just networking with likeminded individuals and knowledge you're after- SecurTour will amply satisfy those needs too.

First and foremost SecureTour is coming to you as an aid to your cybersecurity understanding, an opportunity to quiz the industries leaders and networking opportunities.

With 5 events up and down the country, a bespoke event created to cater for all IT Professionals in your region. Networking opportunities are vast paired with minimal travelling- Finally!

The content of the conference is gigantic. So much so that we're putting on breakout sessions for you to create your own bespoke day- allowing you to select only the information you need and want to hear. You can see the full agenda for the day on our SecureTour 2017 micro site: 

Everyone will get the opportunity to hear the keynote speakers, however you can tailor the Technology Showcases to your own specific requirements, selecting five out of nine sessions to attend. Meaning no wasted time and focus.

So there we have it. If you're free in May, fancy a free, informative networking opportunity… And an enjoyable day out of the office… pop along to our SecureTour Conference. You'll leave better protected, better connected and positively affected by the day.

This year is set to be bigger and better than last, and that’s saying something because last year we had…. 

5 Events, 7 Sponsors, 300+ Attendees, 1,200 Keynote Minutes… And finally, most importantly…604 CUPS OF COFFEE!