Disgruntled former employee hacks ex-employers to the tune of £78,360

Disgruntled former employee hacks ex-employers to the tune of £78,360

April 19 2017 | Published by Jennifer Bullock | Blog

If you thought a disgruntled ex was an inconvenience, you've seen nothing yet.

Turns out disgruntled employees are capable of doing more than a bad 'Glass Door' review, and by 'more', I mean entirely take down your company from the inside.

An IT administrator is being sued by his former employers for supposedly installing malware which deleted 'critical financial data' upon his departure.

​...Just before the financial year end…. Ouch.

Allegro Microsystems have opened a lawsuit against former employee Nimes Patel. Patel worked for the company for 14 years.

Throughout his employment time with Allegro, Patel was given three laptops. Upon his departure he was given Allegros blessing to keep one laptop for personal use.

This is however where the problems begin…

Allegro accuse Patel of returning to the businesses HQ on 31st January 2016, a few weeks after his employment had ended, and accessed the company's Wi-Fi.

During his time of employment, he had previously been a senior IT administrator, this mean Patel had access to all employees login credentials, and had kept a copy of all passwords from when he left the company weeks before.

Patel is accused of using other employees account details to login and install malware scheduled to launch on 1st April 2016 (day 1 of the new fiscal year). The malware deleted information from a database in the company's oracle financial module.

The malware, partnered with it's evil genius timing, meant that Allegro were unable to compile their annual financial reports nor reconcile their accounts. In total, this 'hiccup' cost Allegro in excess of £78,360. It also took a total of  24 days for the malware to be identified and dealt with.

In the end, the code was traced back to Patels laptop he had been allowed to keep for personal use, and like all good tales - the good guys, found the bad guys, and are now trying to sue them for all they are worth.

That’s how all good stories end.




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There's a reason companies should fear disgruntled employees — they can really harm your business. An IT systems administrator is being sued by his former employer for allegedly installing malware that automatically deleted critical financial data after he left.​

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